Lots of photographers prepare a 'year in review' type blog post and I really like them, so I had my own shot at it.

While I wish I had more to share, here are some of my highlights from 2015. It was the first full year of my life where I tried to always have a camera by my side, which to be honest, wasn't nearly as often as I'd like it to be.

While I don't seem to ever be happy with where my photography is at, I still really think my photography progressed leaps and bounds in 2015, and I'm mad focused on taking it to another level this year. I can't wait for 2016 and (hopefully) all the opportunities it will bring.

If you want to help me along the way, hit me up via my contact form or on instagram and we can get the highlight reel for 2016 rollin'. As always, I am by no means a professional photographer... so you're going to have to have a little faith!